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July 10, 2007

Speaking Patterns for Question 2

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Paired Choice £¢££££
Preparation: 15 sec / Response: 45 sec

The test taker must make and defend a personal choice between two contrasting behaviors or courses of action.

Giving an opinion
I think / feel / believe (that)…
In my opinion,
Personally, I would…
For me,

Stating your preference
I prefer to ___________ than (to) _______________.
I prefer __________ing rather than __________ing.
I would rather _______________ than ____________.
I had to choose between ___________ and ___________, I would choose ___________.
Given a choice (between ___________ and ___________), I would ___________.
_________ is (far) better than ___________ for a number of reasons.

In general, ___________________.
On the whole, __________________.
Generally speaking,

Making a concession
Many people prefer _______________ (because____). However, I would ____________.
Though ____________, ________________ is better. There are several reasons why.
Though some people ____________, I prefer to_________.

Giving examples
a) Beginning
• First,
• To begin with,
• One reason why I _________ 

b) Middle
• Second, third…
• In addition,
• As well,
• I further think/feel that ________
• …also…
• Another reason why I _________

c) Final
• Moreover,
• Furthermore,
• Finally,


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