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July 25, 2007

How to attack the General/Specific question

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The best way I’ve found to do the General/Specific question is by making a chart with the reading and listening and then matching together all the related points. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: While reading the passage, outline the main idea and details on the left half of your note-taking paper.

Step 2: Predict what the listening will be about. It will be a specific example of something in the reading – predict what that thing will be.

Step 3: Take notes from the listening on the right half of your paper across from your reading outline. Listen especially for how the things mentioned in the listening are examples of the general kind of thing mentioned in the reading. There could be from 2-5 different points to support this.

Step 4. When the listening is over, plan with your notes by drawing lines connecting the information in the reading and listening. Connect the specific thing in the listening to the general thing in the reading. Then draw lines connecting all the 2-5 points of support that show how it’s a specific example.

Step 5: In your 1-minute speech, first briefly explain the general thing being mentioned in the reading. Then explain the specific thing the professor was talking about, and list all the reasons that it is a specific example of the thing in the reading. Use transitions (first, second, as well, additionally, etc.) between reasons to strengthen your structure. Throughout your speaking, use the language of examples (such as: this is a typical example of ________ because…) to strengthen the connection. A summary of the connection at the end is a good idea as well.

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